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Meet cleanroom installation standards

Faster duct protection

The Ductmate Proguard is a ‘Cling Wrap for Ducts’ that is a simple and effective way to protect ducts from dust and dirt during transit and storage – essential for ensuring air quality in cleanrooms.

To apply it, you simply stretch the film over the duct end, run your finger around the edge to seal it and then cut to size. This is a considerable time saving over taping plastic into position and having to replace it if it is punctured.

ProGuard is a dual film polyethylene film with a high-tack adhesive designed designed to be placed over the opening of the ductwork. It has unmatched puncture resistance, strength, elongation, and workability.

ProGuard is specially formulated to keep the film attached, leaving no residue when removed. Its unique manufacturing gives ProGuard the flexibility and workability of a thin film with the toughness of a thick 4.5 mm product.

Insitu duct protection

During installation and connection of HVAC ducts you need to stop dust, moisture and debris getting inside the ducts whilst they are still open. The Ductcap reusable cover is idea for slipping over the open ends of ducts whilst you are working on the HVAC system.