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Meeting Market Demands

A huge investment in research and development has seen Ductware deliver a wide range of new products to meet challenging market demands.  The new range of products all aim to improve the productivity of making and installing commercial HVAC systems by reducing manual labour.  These products also provide significant efficiency gains by improving the durability of ductwork, reducing leaks and preserving air quality.

Featured Products:

LongNeck Bellmouth Spigots

We at Ductware have come up with another productivity solution product.  Two years in the development, our new LongNeck Bellmouth Spigot has a list of features.  It has a 180mm deep drawn shell, which has been designed with the quadrant 50mm from the Bellmouth providing adequate space for externally insulated duct.  A generous 90mm at the connection end which allows much easier installation of flexible duct, with plenty of room to tape off and strap.  This will greatly reduce the time on-site for flex duct installation.    >More

spigot diagram


QuikCorner∗™/QuikScrew™ System

* Patent Pending:  Design Registered

QuikScrew™ bolts

QuikScrew bolts are a Hex Undercut washer head zinc clear plated screw, ST 10.5-9TPI Type C x 25 indent and are available in cartons of 600 screw bolts.

They are carbo-nitrided case hardened & tempered. No need for nuts, QuikScrew easily connects to the opposite QuikCorner teardrop shaped hole to produce a tight connection.
Pilots and drives to significantly reduce or eliminate use of podgers, drift-pan and clamps for corner alignment.








QuikCorner*™ TDF

QuikCorners*™ are packed & stacked ready for use in all automatic corner insertion machines.
The teardrop shaped hole connector and clenching holes serve as pilot guide for easy assembly with the most Versatile screw guns.

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