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QuikCorner™ System

QuikCorner™ System

A new innovation from Ductware, the QuikCorner™* System greatly speeds up the process of joining duct sections together. The QuikCorner™ System consists of QuikCorners™ (which are available in either TDF or TDC) and QuikBolt™ Bolts that eliminate the need to join ducting sections together using traditional nuts and bolts.



Quikcorners™ (TDF & TDC)

  • Testing reveals that the QuikCorner™/QuikBolt™ connector greatly speeds up the installation process
  • One (1) minute connection saving per nine (9) corners installed, resulting in approx. $85 p/hr installed cost saving
  • Reduced Duct Leakage- an important benefit of the new system is that Duct Leakage is potentially also minimized. This can be accomplished with the use of a 35mm Pressure Memory Gasket (insert link). This gasket is laid right across the round bolt holes at each corner and the unique QuikBolt™ point then pierces the gasket , but only to the extent that it runs tightly through the gasket and the bolt hole. This helps to maximise duct air tightness.
  • QuikCorners™ are packed & stacked ready for use in all automatic corner insertion machines
  • Round shaped hole connector and clenching holes serve as pilot guide for easy assembly with the most versatile screw guns
  •  Less consumables for a fitter to carry on site
  •  Less necessity to use a podger tool.


QuikBolt™ Bolts

  • Hex Undercut Washer Head Zinc Clear Screw, ST 10.5-9TPI Type C x 25 indent
  • Available in cartons of 600 screw bolts
  • Carbo-nitrided case hardened & tempered
  • No need for nuts, QuikBolt™ easily connects to the opposite QuikCorner™ round shaped hole to produce a tight connection
  • Pilots and drives to significantly reduce or eliminate use of drift-pin and clamps for corner alignment

*Pat No. 2015101243



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