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Gripnail Resistance Type Weld Pins

Gripnail Resistance Type Weld Pins

Ductware is the exclusive Australian distributor for Gripnail Power point weld pins, consumables for the Gripnailer HVAC insulation fastening system.

Power point weld pins save time and money because they perform consistently. Each point is precisely formed to provide optimum electrical resistance and each cap and shank assembly is securely swaged so that pins will feed without jamming, even in older welders.

In addition, PowerPoints are shipped in plastic buckets to eliminate shipping damage.

The result is continuous production without the expense of having to clear track jams or refasten where pins did not hold. Now available for 75 mm and 100 mm insulation.

 Benefits of Gripnail PowerPoint Weld Pins include:

  1. Faster Welds – forged diamond point design creates more electrical resistance for faster welds.
  2. Super Sharp Point – 22 degree point is the sharpest in the industry and cleanly pierces the toughest duct liner.
  3. Beveled Edge Cap – prevents tearing of duct liner
  4. Better Plating – zinc and chromate plating exceeds SMACNA standards and gives a more professional appearance.
  5. More Consistent Feeding – precise assembly of shands and caps along with a smoother plating reduces feeding problems in tracks of automatic equipment.
  6. Applied with Standard Equipment – easily applied with most standard hand held or hopper fed resistance welders.

Pin sizes available: 25 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm, 68mm, 75 mm and 100 mm.

Gripnail PowerPoint Weld Pins are available in a standard  'B' or a 'DU' range:

B range -

The  'B'  Weldpins have been specifically designed to work with all currently available duct liners and

standard resistance welding type application equipment. PowerPoint Weldpins withstand a tensile pull of at

least 55kgs in sheetmetal and can be used in conjuction with adhesives on any galvanized sheetmetal with

lockforming qualities.

 DU range -

The Di-electric undercoated Weldpins insulate the washer to improve welding on foil faced insulation.

Available in 38, 50, 75 and 100mm. Otherwise, this range of Weldpins has all the same attributes as the

B-range, described above.

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