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Access Doors

Access Doors

Equipped with a unique external hinge, Ductware’s access doors provide a positive and complete seal by not interfering with the gasket as the door is opened. Ductware’s access doors include a number of important safety features such as the high-visibility, red internal handles with a smooth roller cam internal release mechanism. Available in 5 large easy to install sizes, plus we can custom size to suit your application, and handles can be provided in key locking, pad-lockable or tool operated versions.

ULtimate Doors™

The ULtimate Doors™ are grease and air tight and also easy to install. Available in a sandwich design for rectangular or round grease pipes or with weld-on doors for rectangular ducts.

This range includes the following:

  1. ULtimate Door™
  2. ULtimate Door™ II
  3. ULtimate Door™ Round