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Access Panels

25mm & 50mm Deep Access Panels 

New to the HVAC market, Ductware’s unique 50mm deep access panels are designed to simplify the process of nesting external or internal insulation under the frame, reducing the likelihood of insulation fibres entering the airstream. With thicker insulation now required under BCA guidelines, the 50 mm depth makes installation quick and easy. Designed to provide access to all in-duct equipment for inspection and maintenance, the doors are of a double skin construction, using 0.7 mm galvanised steel. Panels are fitted with a PVC compression gasket, eliminating air leakage and a positive seal is achieved by the use of camlock fasteners. Fitted with a strong stainless steel retention chain, the panel door cannot fall to the floor or become lost, ensuring that the ducts remain clean. Available in 25 mm or 50 mm thicknesses and a range of sizes.

25mm Access Panel R-value Calculation – R0.57 m²K/W.

50mm Access Panel R-value Calculation – R1.21 m²K/W.

Sandwich Access Panels

The Ductmate range of Sandwich Access Panels provide solid, leak-proof access to ducts for cleaning, maintenance, damper adjustment and observation. With no frame to install and measuring being replaced by a self-adhesive template to indicate the opening size, these panels are simple to install into existing ductwork or during duct manufacture. They are also simple to open and close, with no tools required. Ductmate access panels are flush with the internal duct surface so they don’t impend airflow inside the duct.

Observation Access Panel and Double Paned Observation Panels

The Ductmate range of panels further extends it ranging with the Observation Access Panels and Double Paned Observation Panels, which are effective for viewing and working with Ultra Violet lights.  They are to be installed in air handling units with wall/panel thickness up to 76mm.

Hi-Temp Grease Duct, Access Sandwich Panels

Ductmate provides a range of access panels for high-temperature air ducts and grease duct systems. Ideal for kitchen exhaust systems these doors are suitable for temperatures up to 1260°C. The F1 (538°C) and F2 (1260°C) access panels consist of two layers of precision stamped, hot-dipped galvanized steel that “sandwich” the duct wall. Available in all standard sizes for flat and round ducts, these panels open and close effortlessly with no special tools required. Installation is simple, with no need for measuring and no frame to install and seal.

  1. F1 Hi-Temp Sandwich® Access Panels
  2. F2 Grease Duct Sandwich® Access Panels