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Air Control

PROrail™ Turning Vanes

The PROrail™ HVAC duct turning vanes and rail system provide a self-aligning, easy means of securing HVAC turning vanes that direct airflow around mitered elbows in HVAC ducts.

Fabricated with precision equipment to ensure consistent product quality, the PROrail™ HVAC duct turning vane system results in precise vane alignment.

The PROrail™ products are exclusively distributed in Australia by Ductware.

Acoustical Turning Vane

The Acoustical Turning Vane has been specifically designed for projects that demand quiet operating systems. With its perforated facing filled with insulation the Acoustical Turning Vane absorbs and reduces noise.

Quick and easy to assemble, its strong construction enables the assembly of higher single stacks.


The PROrail™ HVAC duct turning vane and rail system can save you over 80% of the time associated with installing conventional turning vanes in elbows.