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Spigots and Damper Hardware

Ductware is the exclusive Australian distributor of the Rossi damper hardware range. With their unique self locking, hand operational damper handles, Rossi dampers can be installed in just 90 seconds.

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LongNeck Bellmouth Spigots

Generous 90mm at the connection end allows much easier installation of flexible duct, with plenty of room to tape off and strap.  This greatly reduces the time on-site for flex duct installation.  Our new LongNeck Spigots are deep drawn, not spun, so the rolled edge has been designed to lower the likelihood of cuts when installing.  Pre-drilled holes allowing the ease of installation of Tek ® screws, and the pre-installed sticky backed gasket around the Bellmouth, eliminates the need to apply sealant, thereby producing a much better, leak-resisting seal.  Available in diameters of 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 and 400mm.

Damper Handles

Everlock Handle The first of its kind, the Everlock self locking damper handle was created to replace the less reliable friction locks on the market with a more reliable positive, absolute lock that ensures balanced airflow that lasts. The Everlock handle is fully hand-operational with no tools needed for adjusting or readjusting the damper blade position on site. Simply press the thumb trigger and slide the handle into the desired position. Release the thumb trigger and the spring activated lock clicks into place.

TwistKnob Handle The TwistKnob damper handle offers a built-in bearing for insertion into fittings or ducts, cutting down assembly time. Also fully hand operational the TwistKnob handle allows for air flow balancing to be done on site without the need for any tools. The TwistKnob damper handle is made from a specially designed engineering polymer with an increased surface area resulting in the strongest friction lock on the market. The bright orange knobs make the damper handles easy to spot on site.

Damper Blade Discs and Rods

Rossi’s Damper Blade Discs are designed with a built-in channel for the rod to pass through. This dramatically reduces assembly time and eliminates the common practice of drilling holes and using bolts just to secure the rod to the disc. Rossi’s Damper Blade Discs are specially designed to be stackable for neat and easy storage. One hundred and fifty discs stacked on top of each other will come to just under 26cm high, saving valuable warehouse space. Made from 20 Gauge Galvanized metal these discs are available in a wide range of sizes.

Ductware Eazikits

The Ductware range of Eazikits consists of; Galvanized spring and blank clips, Galvanized Steel washers, damper handles and wing nuts plus Nylon end bearings.