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GreenSeam® Snap Lock Duct System

The GreenSeam® Snap Lock Pipe is a revolutionary self-sealing snap lock circular duct with a pre-installed gasket that seals the longitudinal seam once snapped together. GreenSeam® pipe significantly reduces leakage creating higher efficiencies and reducing fuel costs.

Ideal for exhaust ducting or an alternative to spiral ducting, GreenSeam® saves time and labour costs by eliminating the tedious process of sealing, gasketing, bolting and taping of joints required with rectangular ducts.

Easy to transport and store, over 200 metres of duct will fit into a standard pallet or crate.

Available in a range of diameters.

GreenSeam® Fittings

The GreenSeam® system includes a range of fully adjustable 45 or 90 degree elbows, shoes, high efficiency take-offs and tee joints. All fittings incorporate patented low-leakage hardware or Rossi dampers.