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HVAC Connectors

Ductware is the exclusive distributor for a range of connectors for HVAC ductwork.

QuikCorner*™/QuikScrew™ System

* Patent Pending:  Design Registered

QuikScrew™ bolts

QuikScrew bolts are a Hex Undercut washer head zinc clear plated screw, ST 10.5-9TPI Type C x 25 indent and are available in cartons of 600 screw bolts.

They are carbo-nitrided case hardened & tempered. No need for nuts, QuikScrew easily connects to the opposite QuikCorner teardrop shaped hole to produce a tight connection.
Pilots and drives to significantly reduce or eliminate use of podgers, drift-pan and clamps for corner alignment.









No need to use nuts with the QuikCorner*™/QuikScrew™ System.  Much easier to use, simply screw the QuikScrew™ bolt; ONE STEP; NO NUTS! They are packed & stacked ready for use in all automatic corner insertion machines.   Teardrop shaped hole connector and clenching holes serve as pilot guide for easy assembly with the most Versatile screw guns.









Ductermatic Corners

Ductware Ductermatic Corners are Australian Made providing continuity and supply reliability.

Ductermatic Corners are a quality rigid corner for all applications and are available in Speciality Metals.



One corner to maintain duct rigidity for all applications and provide dimensional accuracy.

Ductware’s CornerTites are an Australian Made* product, ensuring continuity and supply reliability.

Ductmate Slide-on Connectors

The Ductmate connector is the only connector with an integral sealant in the pocket of the flange to give airtightness.

These connectors have a clean, neat appearance and give an airtight transverse connection.

Flexible Duct Connectors

The PROFLEX flexible duct connector dampens vibrations, reducing the noise generated by the HVAC system. They create a leak-free seal that will withstand the most demanding conditions.


Ductware also stocks a range of cleats, including a PVC Cleat, the Versa Cleat and the Ductmate Metal Cleat. They can be used on most flange connections.