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Duct Protection

Ductware is the exclusive distributor for a range of consumables that keep ductwork clean during transport, storage and installation.

ProGuard Dual and Single Film Polyethylene with a High-Tack Adhesive

ProGuard is a dual film polyethylene film, with a high-tack adhesive, designed to be placed over the opening of the ductwork during storage and transportation. This protects the inside of ductwork from dust, dirt, and other particles that can lead to poor indoor air quality.

Now available in Dual Film, Blue and Single Clear Film.

Ductcap Covers

Designed to protect open ductwork during installation, Ductcap covers are a plastic bag with an elasticated opening.

They slide over the end of open ductwork, protecting the inside of the ductwork from dirt, moisture and debris. This protects indoor air quality and prevents having to deal with the sticky residue that can be left by tapes. They can be re-used many times.

Information about these products is contained in the Ductware Connection Systems catalogue.