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Increase productivity during the manufacture of insulated HVAC ducts

Gripnail Fastening systems* are designed to automate the fastening of welded duct insulation liner fasteners onto sheet metal ductwork.

By replacing the manual fastening of internal duct insulation with the mechanical application of the insulation to the sheet metal before it is formed into ducts, you can dramatically improve the throughput of your production line.

Reduce your costs by almost 20%

By automating the application of duct insulation with a Gripnail system, you are considerably reducing the labour costs associated with manufacturing insulated HVAC ducts.

Use our online calculator to find out how much money you could save by automating your insulation fastening process. Try it »

Download this worked comparison of the material and labour costs associated with fixing insulation with CD pins or Speed Clips versus using Gripnail weld pins. It shows you how you can save approximately 18% ($0.36 per square metre) when using the Gripnail system.

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Gripnail Power Pinner 50 – multihead

*The Gripnail machines are distributed in Australia by Kleen. Ductware supplies the weld pins.