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Wire rope suspension systems

CADDY®  SPEED LINK Universal Support System CADDY® SPEED LINK is a universal support system designed to reduce installation time.  It is cost-effective and a innovative system with the versatility to meet virtually all your support needs. Features:

  • Systems include locking device, wire rope, and specialty end fittings
  • Strong, yet flexible, wire rope
  • Selection of locking devices for different applications and load requirements
  • Extensive range of end fittings for various types of structural attachments
  • Allows objects to be hung at a variety of angles, even from slopped ceilings
  • Works with an assortment of CADDY® fasteners

Ducting Wire Supports

Replace time consuming threaded rods and angle struts with ducting wire supports and reinforcements when installing HVAC ductwork. The Clutcher wire rope hanging systems can be used to suspend a variety of indoor mechanical systems. Use them to support ductwork, cable trays or plumbing pipes. The Clutcher hanger is available in a variety of sizes to support different weights. Items can be hung at angles up to 60° from vertical. The lightweight design of the hangers makes it easy to carry them when working at heights. You need only a tool to cut the wire to length after installation.

Strap Hangers

Ductware also stocks a range of traditional duct hangers, including strap brackets and round duct hangers. The Isolation Hanger prevents vibration noise being transmitted from air ducts to other parts of the building.

Duct Reinforcements

The EasyRod tie rod installer is a simple, strong component system to make the installation of tie rods faster. Can be used for both positive and negative pressure.