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Worldwide, 30-40% of all primary energy is used in buildings. Of this, up to 50% in Australia is used for heating and cooling commercial buildings alone.

GBCA-Member-Logo-ColourMany of the green building products offered by Ductware will help you achieve points on the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star – Office rating system

Here’s information about how we can help in the Indoor Environment Quality category.

Green Star Rating – Independent Product Reviews

Some of our products have been independently assessed against the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star rating system. You can download a review to learn how the product complies with the Green Star rating system and how it delivers credits towards a Green Star rating. A compilation of all the reviews in one document is also available.

Applicable Green Star Credit numbers Product Review – click to download
Ene-1, Mat-3, Mat-7, IEQ-17 All Ductware products
IEQ-8, Mat-7 Ductware Spray Paint Pack, 150 g
IEQ-8, Emi-4, Ene-1 440 Butyl Gasket
IEQ-8, Mat-7 EVERseal sealant
IEQ-8, Mat-7 FIBREseal sealant
IEQ-8, Emi-4, IEQ-17, Ene-1 Neoprene Gasket and Ductmate Sticky Tape
Ene-1, IEQ-2, IEQ-7 PROflex duct connector
Man-12, Mat-7 PROguard and Ductcap covers
Ene-1, IEQ-2, IEQ-7 PROrail turning vanes
IEQ-8, Mat-7 PROseal sealant
IEQ-17, Mat-3, Ene-1, Man-3 Access panels
Ene-1, IEQ-2, Mat-6, Mat-3 Slide on duct connectors
IEQ-17, Ene-1, Man-3, Mat-3 Access doors

Green Star Rating – Product Information and Technical Data

Our products can be used to support various aspects of Green Star credits. The table below gives an overview of the contribution specific products make to each credit.

Title Credit no. Contribution Specific products
Air Change Effectiveness IEQ-2 By reducing leaks and improving the flow of air through ductwork, the air change effectiveness of a mechanically air-conditioned space can be optimised, improving indoor air quality. Connection systems
Thermal Comfort IEQ-9 By reducing leaks and improving the effectiveness of duct insulation, internal temperatures are easier to maintain. Gripnail internal duct insulation, Ductmate connectors and sealants.
Volatile Organic Compounds IEQ-13 HVAC sealants and adhesives free of VOCs will maintain indoor air quality PROseal, FIBERseal
Mould Prevention IEQ-15 Use a duct sealant with additives to reduce mildew growth. PROseal & FIBERseal duct sealant is mildew resistant.
Internal noise levels IEQ-12 By using a flexible duct connector and a turning vane and rail system reduces vibration transfer and thus internal noise levels can minimised. Prorail Turning vane and Proflex duct connector

Green Building Council – LEED®greenpoint logo

Our Duct Tapes by Shurtape are a Green Point contributor product under the US Green Building Council – LEED® program.

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