Productivity solutions with green results

Ductware is a HVAC wholesale parts distributor, supplying components and hardware for commercial HVAC systems.

Our solutions for Australian HVAC manufacturers, installers and specifiers offer productivity and/or environmental benefits.

Productivity solutions.

Green results.

QuikCorner*™ System

The QuikCorner*™/QuikScrew™ System is much easier to use, simply screw the QuikScrew bolt; one step; no nuts.

The teardrop shaped connector hole in the QuikCorner*™ enables a speedier installation process, with an average 7 second saving per corner installed.

(Independently tested). 

*Patent Pending: Design Registered 


ERICO® Supplier in the Limelight

The ERICO® duct installation systems range from Hanging, Suspending and Supporting accessories.

CADDY® Rock Lock Threaded Rod Mounting Systems, CADDY® Speed Link Universal Support Systems, and, CADDY® Pyramid Rooftop Systems


Want to Increase daily installations?

A Queensland contractor completed a time analysis on Rod Lock install vs. Traditional Install, and averaged hanging an additional 16 Fan Coil units that day using Rod Lock Threaded Mounting System!

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QuikCorner∗™ System Strength Test

The tested Duct was 700x700x0.6mm. The cleats and corners broke at 1,080kg.  In the straight pull test, the new QuikScrew™ bolts did not fail, rather the corner ripped out of the ductwork.

ERICO® Caddy® Rod Lock vs. Traditional